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Specialized in air conditioning and ventilation contracting

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First-Air is one of leading sheet metal fabricators in the local market. Our factory manufacture HVAC duct, duct accessories and air outlets with high quality products. Our company supply and install all components of central air conditioning & ventilation

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Air Vent


Retrieve the market leadership of air treatment in Egypt & the Middle East.

Air Duct


We aim to supply the highest quality products and manufacturing efficient designs with new technologies and energy-saving and providing solutions for healthy and comfortable ventilation in all types of building. Offers a choice of shipping plans to meet your needs while providing more than competitive pricing. First-Air state of art latest machines provide accurate and quality processed Fabricated components and contribute to a faster processing of end product with wide selection of materials made of Galvanized Iron, Black Steel, Aluminum Cladding and Stainless Steel. Our technologically advanced facilities allow First-Air to maintain its position as a reliable, efficient, and cost-sensitive partner for large and small-scale projects. First-Air has trained qualified and dedicated staff on all levels of production and installation.


First air factory have a wide range of products:

We are manufacturer of air outlets, dampers, and duct work as com

Air Outlets

Square Ceiling Diffuse

They are suitable for use in rooms with heights up to 4 mm .

Supply & Return Grilles Grille

Designs are available for duct wall installation

Linear & Floor Grilles

Linear grille designs are available for duct wall and floor installation

Sand Trap Louvre

The sand trap louver is used as pro-filter for the protection of air conditioning plants in areas exposed to extreme levels of industrial pollution

Weather Resistant Louvre

 External weather louvers are externally mounted air transfer devices forthe fresh air & exhaust air of air conditioning systems.

 Slot Diffuser

Linear slot diffusers are designed to combine a high air change rate capacity with maximum flexibility in air pattern and volume control is suitable for either ceiling or sidewall applications.

 Gravity shutter grill

Gravity shutter wall grille is used as an external grille for inline ventilation ducting system or extractor fans.

Our Products


First air factory have a wide range of products: We are manufacturer of air outlets, dampers, and duct work as come

1-Volume control damper

2- Round volume damper

3- Pressure relief damper

4- Firedamp


Black Steel

Stainless Steel




Rectangular ducts are fully factory assembled for easy and low cost installation.

You don't have to think about on-site manufacturing anymore. Using our latest computer-controlled machines, we can supply all required accessories and fittings with high finishing quality and minimum duration.

The ducts can be manufactured according to SMACNA or BS standards of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum

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